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Are you ready to try for a baby? Check out these 25 tips for getting pregnant, which came directly from reproductive endocrinologists and fertility specialists. The journey to conception is exciting, but it's also a time of uncertainty for many couples. Here, experts share 25 tips for getting pregnant, along with their most effective fertility advice——no office visit required! Clearing any issues upfront can prevent delays down the road, when your fertility might be declining due to diminished quality and quantity of eggs. In addition to your Pap smear, mammogram if it appliesand regular physical, make sure to visit the dentist regularly for cleanings.

Certain infections may not be treatable while you're pregnant and could result in reproductive delays. Pagidas says. Find out how easily your female relatives got pregnant and if there's a family Housewives looking sex Fertile of hereditary medical conditions.

Bayer, M. Make sure all your shots are updated—particularly those for German measles, chicken pox, and influenza—before trying to get pregnant. Bayer says. Jensen explains. On the other hand, sperm can survive in the reproductive tract for up to five days. That's why it's best to start having sex well before you ovulate.

A study showed that the day with the highest chance of baby-making success was the one right before ovulation. You may have been advised to wait a few days between sex because men need time to build up sperm. The concentration is more important and not influenced by the frequency of sex. Some research suggests that missionary is best for conceiving, but the data isn't conclusive. Pagidas notes.

Says Dr. Jensen: "It does not make one bit of difference in conception. Many commonly used water-based lubricants can inhibit sperm movement. If you want to use lube, choose one marketed as "sperm-friendly" or "fertility-friendly.

Doctors ly relied on basal body temperature to predict ovulation. Plus taking your temperature daily often adds stress," Dr. Bayer explains. An ovulation predictor kit OPK is now the recommended method.

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OPKs monitor luteinizing hormone LHwhich surges shortly before ovulation. Limit caffeine intake to milligrams per day, which is equivalent to about two cups of coffee.

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Soda, tea, and energy drinks count, too. Ryley says. But passive smoke has been linked to increased pregnancy complications as well. There's really no safe level of exposure, so limit your time around family members, friends, or coworkers who won't kick butts. Along those lines, studies have shown that marijuana might negatively impact female fertility. Cutting back alcohol is recommended; eliminating booze fests is essential. Being too far on either side of a healthy body mass index can affect the health of your eggs and result in pregnancy complications. Aim to be within 15 percent of your target body weight when you start trying to conceive.

Ryley notes. This means he should stop smoking as well as drinking in excess. It may also be time for him to hit the gym.

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Ryley: "The more overweight a man is, the lower [his] testosterone and sperm function. Chaudhari says. Some doctors suspect that super high-impact workouts might hinder conception, as very athletic people tend to have irregular periods. But if you're at a healthy weight and have regular cycles, don't feel you need to Housewives looking sex Fertile up that intense Spin class you love.

There's not a lot of data about what happens when people go through newer security scanners at the airport. TSA says they're safe for pregnant women, but "because we don't know the cumulative effects of repeated exposure, I recommend frequent flyers do a security pat-down instead to minimize any radiation that could affect reproduction," Dr. Jensen says. We're not certain exactly what they are and how they're formulated.

Douching has also been linked to increased risk of vaginal infection bacterial vaginosispelvic inflammatory disease, and pregnancy complications like preterm birth and ectopic pregnancy. It's also smart to limit the use of scented tampons and vaginal sprays. Some research suggests that women who work in nail and hair salons—with frequent exposure to chemical fumes such as acetone—had a lower chance of achieving pregnancy and higher chance of miscarriage.

An occasional mani-pedi or highlights shouldn't be harmful for the average woman. After miscarriage"I've had patients hear they need to wait three months or a specified amount of time, but that isn't true," Dr. As long as you're emotionally ready and feeling up to it physically, there's absolutely no reason to delay trying again.

Note, however, that most doctors recommend waiting until you healwhich usually takes a couple of weeks. Ask your health care provider for guidance. As maternal age increasesthe chance of pregnancy decreases.

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Copperman says. Worse yet, it makes women feel guilty if they can't Zen themselves to motherhood.

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Anxiety over fertility is totally normal and it's not likely to be harmful in the long run. Copperman, "The stress that comes along with fertility challenges has not been shown to affect whether a woman makes a good egg or not. I had difficult times getting pregnant. I have stopped birth control a long time ago but the pregnancy tests was still negative. By Holly Eagleson Updated July 22, Save Pin FB More. An image of a woman with a pregnancy test. Credit: Getty Images. Art: Jillian Sellers. By Holly Eagleson.

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Housewives looking sex Fertile

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