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I will challenge your intelligence For a woman in today's world, being strong and accomplished is something of great pride. You juggle so many obligations and do so with amazing ability and grace. Career, home, family, friends, personal interests--they all compete loudly as they pull and tug and place demands on your talents and time.

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Without being constantly in control you feel as if everything would fall apart. As a result, you feel as if you are falling apart. Submissiveness is your outlet to sanity and has restorative, rejuvenating powers.

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The majority of men seeking a discreet submissive miss the mark entirely. They write about what they will do to you. How they will bark orders. How they will use and degrade you. How they will stick their dicks in your mouth, spank your ass, and you their whore as they fuck you good and hard.

None of this is about you. It's all about him and focuses primarily on the physical While being that juggler you need to be, it is easy to lose touch with that ultra feminine woman who shares a body with you. She's there. You see her ghostly reflection in the mirror with sad eyes that beg to be freed and celebrated and be allowed to become alive. She has gone into deep hiding from your present, sexual partner.

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You are reluctant to introduce her to him. He wouldn't understand, or it would be awkward to make the introduction. Your submissive is not part of this relationship at all. He sees and treats you as the "I have my shit together" woman you project to the everyday world. That is your history with him. You secretly desire to nurture and explore this intense and extremely personal part of who you are as a woman. Perhaps this would be easiest to share with an as yet unknown and understanding man.

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With him you'd have no history or secrets, and if the connection feels right you could express yourself this way with him. If you find him, he could tap the pent energies and curiosity you would bring to an affair. He is not a bully--just with the proper mixture of possessing both a firm and gentle nature.

He would debauch you. Lead you. Grasp your hand as he takes you on that journey where under his guidance and trust you can surrender your control. You are his when together. Given freely. You need to see and feel and hear exactly how turned on he is by you. Pleasure given is pleasure received ten-fold. You want to feel his hot breath as he places his kisses upon your neck. You want to feel his hands slide beneath your skirt or roam without reservation across your blouse.

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You want to hear him tell you what to do, how to do it, where to do it You don't need experience if you are willing, as there is something deliciously sexy about that shyness and innocence of a novice Age and race are open I'm outgoing and lots fun medium build in shape etc. Cuddle meet local women? I'm looking for a Sweet BBW for tonight at my apartment.

I'll get a nice bottle of wine we can have a few drinks then fuck the night away and have a nice breakfast in the morning. I'm looking for a lady that has already gone through her change of life that way no chance of a little one ever again encase of an accident which we know can happen.

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Housewives looking sex tonight Bayamon Puerto Rico

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