Italy ladies lunch Italy

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Directly from Magenta, half an hour drive away from Milano, we never forget our origin and all the beauty of our land; we truly believe we can tell you a story made of our tradition, made of the millennial work of Italian men and women, and made by our beautiful culture.


All of it is condensed in the products we choose to import and distribute. We invite you to taste our unique products and let them be a part of your every-day cuisine, your meals and your heart. Cart 0. In My. Proudly made in Italy. Shop Now. Stay with us. Lifestyle is a unique gourmet Italian shop and a genuine Italian Trattoria restaurant, that delivers directly to your door the finest quality of the selection made by Stefano and Davide, co-owners, chefs, best friends and most importantly brothers!

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Our Story Discover who we are and our passion for the italian food. Our recipes Learn the authentic recipes of the Italian cousine. Shop online Our amazing selection of italian products. Cooking class Book your next italian course with us. Follow us on Instagram.

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Check full recipe on our website: www. What is your super power?

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A woman is not easily defined. She is beautiful, and wild, elegant and controlled. There is no woman like another, and each is radiant in a special and unique way.

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The ladies in our lives hold a special place in our hearts, and without them, we would not have the dreams and happiness we do. It is a privilege to celebrate all the magical things that makes a woman so incredibly special. It is a day to take note of the wonderful contribution women make to society and life as a whole.

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Our sisters, wives, mothers, aunts, cousins and friends — the women, who we know, love and adore —have shaped and raised us to be where we are. Today we are introducing our Polenta Concia, a dish of boiled yellow or white cornmeal enriched with the amazing cheese taste, usually Fontina and Gorgonzola!

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Suggested products for this recipe: - Farina Biancoperla gr by De Tacchi - Farina Maranello gr by De Tacchi - Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder by Trentinaceti betterinbedford newrecipe food italianfood love tasty tastyfood lovefood foodporn. Here is one of the most known pasta recipes of the Peninsula, directly from Amatrice around 80 miles east of Rome. A simple delight for your mouth! We are gladly presenting our own version, because yes! We do LOVE pistachio! Suggested products for this recipe: - Pistachio Pesto by Dispensa dei golosi - Black Cherries in Syrup gr by Fabbri betterinbedford newrecipe food italianfood love tasty tastyfood lovefood foodporn.

In our culinary journey we are travelling South, in the beautiful island of Sicily, where everybody is in love with Caponata, a mixed appetizer based on fried eggplants and slow cooked vegetables. You can experiment with any vegetable you love to make your own version, but you will have one only rule to follow… all of your produce should be as fresh as possible! First Name. Last Name. Address. Up.

Italy ladies lunch Italy

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