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Big Show is easily one of the greatest big men in the history of the wrestling business. The longevity that he has had is almost unmatched when it comes to men of his stature.

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It is this size which can lead you to believe that Big Show might not be much of a team player but that has not stopped him from holding 11 Tag Team Championships with seven different partners in both WWE and WCW, over the course of a career spanning 25 years. Without further ado, here's a look at all the wrestlers who won gold with the World's Largest Athlete.

And let's just start off by saying that none of this three reigns as World Tag Team Champion were particularly impressive.

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The worst of the bunch was clearly the one when he won the title with Lex Luger only to be stripped inside 24 hours. Luger was not medically cleared to perform on the night that they won the titles but decided to make his way to the ring while The Giant did all of the work.

That would ultimately cost them the belts as they were stripped as a result of Luger's involvement. Looking back, so much of WCW's booking in the late '90s was just confusing.

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It was merely weeks though when The Giant would lose his half of the belt in a singles match to Sting. And Sting would then give the belt to Kevin Nash after choosing him as his new partner. Who did they beat for the belts? Of course, the aforementioned team of Sting and Kevin Nash.

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The duo managed to hold on to the belts for 98 days, which was a long time considering the length of his first two reigns. Ultimately, Hall would get injured and Scott Steiner would step in his place when they lost their belts to Rick Steiner and Buff Bagwell. What's more is that Steiner would then drop Bagwell as his partner and give the other belt to Kenny Kaos. That's peak WCW booking for you.

Of course, his team with The Undertaker was always destined to dominate the entire division. When two of the most feared competitors on the entire roster formed a team, tag team gold was sure to follow.

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The Unholy Alliance won the Tag Team Championships on two occasions in but their time as a team would ultimately be cut short after The Undertaker suffered an injury. For almost two decades, Big Show and Kane were the well that the WWE went to whenever they were in the need of a monster tag team.

While the duo never teamed together for an extended period of time, ultimately they would always end up with each other. As a result of their longevity, the duo picked up the Tag Team Championships twice.

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Although considering that they teamed on and off for the good part of two decades, it is actually surprising that they did not win more. Whatever may be the case, Big Show and Kane will always remain a classic tag team for fans of this era of wrestling. Big Show found two of his best tag team partners late in his career and one of them was The Miz. Yes, they were a thrown together team and ShoMiz is a terrible name for a tag team, but it is undeniable that the two just worked well together.

Miz was being set up as a future main event player at this point of time and the success of this tag team was clearly a huge reason why the company would give the WWE Championship to The A-Lister not long after they broke up.

On a serious note, is there anything that Chris Jericho cannot get over when it comes to wrestling? The two were perfect foils for each other.

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Jericho was at the peak of his powers at this point of time both in the ring and on the mic. And Big Show was being pushed as a legitimate monster with the ability to knock anyone out with a just a punch. The chemistry between the two was just magic and although their time as a tag team might not have been very long, it was amazing while it lasted.

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