Ready for Cupids arrow?

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Cupids Arrow

In the U. Dark chocolate. Milk chocolate. Soft centers. Red roses. Pink roses. Teddy bears.

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Deborah Sandman is ready! And her shop is stocked full of floral arrangements, gifts and gift baskets, stuffed animals, and even a few gifts you may not have considered. But Mary Truman, the assistant manager, showcased a table where some of the sweet goodies are still waiting. And all were martyred by Roman emperors. Despite the mystery surrounding the real patron saint of the annual day of love, the stories of all three men tell of a heroic figure who was sympathetic, and also a romantic figure.

But truth be told, the annual February holiday has origins in both Christian and ancient Roman traditions. Complicating the issue is the celebration of Lupercalia.

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A fertility festival dedicated to Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture, as well as to the Roman founders Romulus and Remus, Lupercalia was a pagan celebration. The celebration was also related to women finding their future husbands.

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Known as Eros, he was immortal and handsome, and he used golden arrows to incite love. But he also used leaden arrows to sow aversion. Fast forward to the Middle Ages where we find Saint Valentine as one of the most popular saints in England and France.

And actually, during the Victorian era, the British put the full romantic spin Ready for Cupids arrow? the day, complete with lace and frills and all things fancy. But even into the 20th century, Victorian-era valentines could also be nasty and mean. The Cadburys were perfecting chocolate, and came up with a great chocolate to eat. Ever the marketing guru, Richard began selling eating chocolates in beautiful boxes that he deed. These served two purposes. First, they held the eating chocolates.

And second, after the chocolates were consumed, the boxes were so beautiful that people liked to keep them and use them for other purposes. As a color, red stands for strength, energy, power, danger, passion, love, and desire. Studies have been done using the color red in all sorts of scenarios.

The studies are all over the map and connected to all kinds of topics. Again, lots of studies are involved, Nuff said. Thursday, July 29, Yukon Progress. Community Business. Main Street in Yukon. Photo by Carol Mowdy Bond. Share this: Twitter Facebook.

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Like this: Like Loading Yukon plan to increase minimum lot coverage explained. Off the market.

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Ready for Cupids arrow?

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