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Hawkeye conducts a rabbit test on Radar's bunny to find out if Margaret is pregnant, and a patient desperate to get home holds Winchester hostage. Another case closed, Watson. Care to me in my digs on Baker Street? Sorry, Sherlock. Another evening alone with my pipe and dirty robe. Got that belly wound finished yet, Moriarty?

Sometimes a little humor helps break the tension in a war zone. Lap sponge. During World War I, we used to dress a mule up in a petticoat and charge the fellas a dime a dance. Fifteen cents if they wanted to lead. He's not under enough. I'm trying, Major, -but he keeps pushing it away. Don't start a fight, or we'll all be sent to the principal's office. I'll do it. If your doctor has to do your job for you, he'll have to reglove.

If you can't follow an order, call for help. I'm sorry, Major. Hey, Margaret, take it easy. She just doesn't like a guy who grabs. Nobody asked you! Butt out! Bell, you're on report. For this? You're kidding. Add talking back to a superior officer. Major, why don't you reconsider? She didn't do anything but ruffle your fetlocks. Colonel, am I within my authority as head nurse if I put her on report? Margaret, as an officer and a gentleman, you should forgive and forget. If she's forgiving, I'm forgetting. Major, I, for one, applaud your sense of discipline in the midst of chaos. This may take a minute.

I'm used to doing this in the dark. I'll have you out of there in no time. I just wish you people would leave me alone! Oh, yeah? Like the way you left Nurse Bell alone? I was doing my job! You never fall on a nurse that hard for such a nitpicky mistake. What's eating you? Come on.

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If you can't tell your -one nemesis, who can you tell? I can't. I'm sorry. I'm using my larynx as a subway station. What is it?

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Well, I was with Donald about six weeks ago in Tokyo, and I'm pretty sure that I'm pregnant. Our little major is gonna have a minor? That's wonderful! All we see around here is death and destruction. Now, in the middle of an inferno that even Dante wouldn't buy tickets to, there's a little glimmer of life, thanks to you.

That's not wonderful. That's a miracle. You know Donald and I are having problems. This isn't gonna solve them. It's only gonna add to them. And you know what it means, don't you? Automatic discharge. My whole army career kaput!

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It's all Donald's fault. Well, I wouldn't put it all on Donald. I mean, you were probably there at the time. I've been irritable lately. Well, if you count irritability, you've been pregnant since I've known you. Captain, that time of the month hasn't been that time of the month yet. Have you verified this medically? Why don't we go see Colonel Potter and set up a test? You know, I hate you men.

Now she tells us. How's that shoulder feel, Martinson? I think I did a bang-up job on your bang-up You're gonna send me back up there, aren't ya, Doc? You're ambulatory now. You'll be out of here by noon Thursday.

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You're lucky. That's when our rates change. Did I remove your sense of humor? Knock it off, Doc. This morning I was leading 35 men down a hill and retreated smack into a minefield. That shrapnel you removed from my shoulder is what's left of my sergeant's helmet.

He was right next to me when the mine went up. I am not going back. I won't go back. I know how you must feel. You think it's because I'm scared, don't you? If you are, you're not alone, soldier. I am not a soldier.

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I never was a soldier. I thought R. Should've read the fine print. I thought they'd put me into something I was prepared for.

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Art history-- I was an art history major. I think the Marines are the only ones with an art history division. I'm not kidding!

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They are not sending me back into action. I don't have what it takes to lead men into combat. That sergeant would still be alive if it hadn't been for me. Look, Martinson, you can't blame yourself for that.

Whats up doc any chatters out there

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