You were wearing a dress

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She told me this shortly after she worked with me and noticed that she got more of the latter compliments having been through the process of my services. When your clothing wears you, sure, you may be memorable, yet for what reason? Sure, we all get compliments on a particular item that we wear.

I am not implying that the next time you get a compliment about a particular piece of clothing or accessory that all is lost. However, if you find that the compliments are more about the clothing than they are about you…it may not be a bad idea to check in with yourself. What else can you remember about the woman on the left other than she seems obsessed with Chanel and that the woman on the right seems to dress without the aid of a mirror?

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This is what you want to be mindful of. Regardless of whether or not either one of these women thinks they look great or if any of you agree that they dowe can all agree that their clothing is wearing them.

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To each their own, you may be thinking. Do you really want to be remembered as the person who over-accessorized, who was invisible behind layers and layers of fashion, or who nobody could get close to because your clothing was like a barricade of protection? Yes, fashion is fun; there is nothing wrong with playing with it.

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I mean, look at Lady Gaga who successfully uses costume to portray an emotion, a message, a feeling, and a mood. Yet, unlike Lady Gaga, the real world is our stage.

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Before you let your clothing talk over you and take center stage, realize that your clothing can, instead, become the tool to express who you are and not the other way around. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Are You Wearing Your Clothing or is Your Clothing Wearing You?